Based on


Continous Demand


Backup Support


350 Coins

Mining Reward


The Specifications of YashCoin

Currency Code YASH
Type POS
Algo Scrypt
Block Time 3 Minute
Premine 10 Million
Block Reward 0.002 YASH
Blocks/Day 480
Stake Age 8 hours Min, 4 Days Max


YASH Coin will be distributed through dc-ex.com like a trading reward. For each trade in dc-ex.com, you will get YASH based on the trade value. YASH will be at fixed price of 0.01 USD until 10 Million Coins getting distributed. How much we distributing that much we will create backup buy support for all YASH at the rate of 0.01 USD. Once all 10 Million Coins distributed we will buy YASH from users sell orders in dc-ex. So YASH will be having continuous demand. Also, we will support YASH through 50% of dc-ex income. YASH will be never sold directly to users, it will be given like reward for trading in dc-ex.com. You can track the distribution details from DC-Ex YASH Explorer


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